Millions of people go to amusement parks every year for thrills and adventure. Nobody goes to an amusement park expecting to get hurt. However, amusement park accidents are on the rise as newer, faster rides are built in attempt to satisfy thrill-seeking customers. This results in older rides being poorly maintained, which ultimately results in life-damaging accidents. Defective equipment, employee negligence and other mishaps can put everyone at the park at risk of serious and fatal injuries. Although amusement park accidents are seemingly rare, when accidents do occur, catastrophic injuries and death is typically the end result.

Amusement park accidents often occur due to:

  • Mechanical failure of the ride;
  • Operator negligence/Improper operation of the ride;
  • Passenger negligence or failure to follow instructions;
  • Failure to post clear warning signs to riders;
  • Ill-maintained equipment or machinery;
  • Rides and equipment not being regularly inspected.

Both the owners and operators of amusement parks are legally responsible to make sure their parks are safe, that operators act responsibly‚ that rides are well maintained and in good condition‚ and that safety guidelines are followed. When injuries occur‚ the owner‚ ride manufacturer‚ or ride operator could all be liable. If you feel the negligence of an owner or operator is responsible for your injury, we highly advise you speak to an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. We are here to assess your case and determine if the park’s negligence was a primary factor. Mr. Naziri is an experienced theme park accident attorney who can help you recover financial damages if you or your family has suffered injury or death, due to an amusement park accident. He has over 14 years of experience in handling amusement park accident cases.  Call Naziri Law Firm today at (818)-888-6675 or TOLL FREE at (888)-9-GOTLAW, or contact us online for a free consultation. You could be entitled to financial compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering due to an amusement park accident.