Countless Americans are dismembered, crippled, and killed in automobile accidents every year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one person out of every three can expect to be injured at some point in their lifetime due to a car accident. Throughout the world, the NHTSA reports that 50 million people are injured in traffic mishaps each year. Several mishaps, though preventable, are attributed to automobile defects and more so, manufacturing design defects. This stems from the failure on the part of the manufacturer to provide a full vehicle inspection. Thus, the automobile shipped to the consumer contains faulty parts.  However, modern car companies have the technology available to build safer motor vehicles, yet economic considerations usually override safety. In an effort to cut costs, important safety features are omitted or not adequately provided.

When the design of a vehicle fails to meet safety specifications, the occupants of the vehicle can be seriously injured or killed if they are involved in a collision. Victims in car accidents where the automobile manufacturer has failed to produce a crash-proof vehicle by selling vehicles with defective or failure-prone parts, should contact Naziri Law Firm online to schedule a free consultation, or by contacting (818)-888-6675 or TOLL FREE at (888)-9-GOTLAW to evaluate the situation to determine if an automobile defect lawsuit can be brought against negligent parties.

Mr. Naziri has dealt with various types of automobile defect situations, including the following:

Rollover Accidents: One design choice which may lead to a loss of control and rollover is a manufacturer’s decision not to place Electronic Stability Control (or ESC) into its vehicles. ESC is a crash avoidance system found on many vehicles. ESC is designed to help a driver stay in control of his or her vehicle during an emergency maneuver, including situations in which the driver must swerve or brake suddenly to avoid an obstacle.

Unstable Roofing: Roof crush results in limited headroom inside the vehicle, which substantially increases the likelihood of a head injury.

Defective Tires: Tire tread separation occurs when the tire tread separates from the tire itself, resulting in tire blowouts and rollover accidents.

Airbag Defects: Air bags that fail and do not go off when they should, air bags that deploy late, and air bags that are too powerful and cause catastrophic injuries.

Defective Fuel Systems: Defectively designed and manufactured fuel systems often result in post-collision fires.

Defective Seat-belts: When a seat-belt unlatches during a collision. “Inertial unlatching” occurs when forces act upon the buckle, causing it to release in a crash.

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