City buses, Greyhound buses, “Chinatown” buses, airport shuttles, and other mass transport vehicles are becoming increasingly common on American roads. However, with bus services growing at their fastest pace in history they are also the cause of many accidents. Tired, overworked bus drivers can make mistakes that threaten the lives of their passengers and everyone else on the road. Accidents involving buses and shuttle vans can be particularly devastating. If you’ve been injured in a bus accident, Naziri Law Firm can help. We are one of California’s leading personal injury law firms, and we have helped several victims and their families secure compensation for their injuries.

Bus accidents can be especially difficult for victims and their families — beyond the harm caused by the injuries. When you’re seeking compensation for your injuries after a bus accident, the bus company, their attorneys, their insurance company, and the other parties involved will all be working to protect themselves to keep the costs of damages to a minimum.  However, the injuries that victims suffer after a bus accident are rarely minimal; that is why if you’ve been severely injured, or have lost a family member in a bus accident, consulting with a personal injury attorney experienced at handling accident cases is your absolute best course of action.

Mr. Naziri is uniquely positioned to handle accident injury lawsuits.  His resources, in addition to the significant number of years of experience in the courtroom, has made him adept in personal injury litigation. Mr. Naziri has an extensive track record in proving his ability to secure compensation for his clients who have been injured in an accident, or the family members who have lost a relative as a result of an accident. He has helped them, and many other clients obtain justice and compensation they are entitled to by law-either through negotiated settlements, or by bringing cases to trial.  Mr. Naziri has handled some of the largest and most complex personal injury cases, and has an exceedingly high reputation for his diligence in litigating.

Naziri Law Firm is able to assist individuals and families — all throughout southern California — who have been a victim of personal injury.  If you, or a family member, has suffered due to a personal injury , contact us online or call us at (818)-888-6675 to schedule a free consultation.