At Naziri Law Firm, we know the hardship that can come after a car accident. All of us have seen the damage and injuries that result from a car accident, and know the difficulties the victims may have to deal with when trying to obtain money for what they have lost. There are certain laws and regulations in California that tend to make insurance claims complicated, especially when trying to recover compensation for pain and suffering with catastrophic injuries.The eligibility of a car accident lawsuit is determined by death or a catastrophic injury including but not limited to: bone fractures, permanent scarring, brain damage (such as a concussion), head injury, and paralysis. Some of these injuries are not always immediately visible after the car accident.

These complicated rules make obtaining the maximum compensation possible almost impossible without an attorney that specializes in car accident claims by your side. Hiring Mr. Naziri vastly increases your chances of success in court. He has a long background of successful cases he has represented all over California. His goal is to make sure your rights are preserved in and out of court. Mr. Naziri will assist with making sure you obtain the maximum benefits from the insurance company and find out if you can file claim for further damages against the people responsible for the car accident. He can potentially assist you in obtaining compensation above what is offered by going through insurance claims if you have been injured from a crash. Contact Naziri Law Firm today at (818)-888-6675 or TOLL FREE at (888)-9-GOT-LAW