Construction sites are often characterized by the hazardous conditions employees have to trudge through. Many in the construction industry find themselves met with deadly work environments every day. Large numbers of workers are injured or killed each year. The consequences of construction site accidents are severe and life altering.

Naziri Law Firm realizes that after going right through such trauma, your objective is to ensure your medical expenses are compensated for, you don’t experience financial difficulty through any dropped wages, and your insurance company can pay for future treatment associated with your injuries. In some instances, the claimant must file under the California Workers’ Compensation Act. However, in other instances it could be proven that another party was at fault. Home owners, architects, contractors, and equipment manufacturers can all be kept liable for insufficient safety precautions when a major accident occurs. The overall contractor and subcontractors have the responsibility of providing the correct safety provisions to make sure that the construction site is work safe. It is their obligation to warn of hazards on site, to hire employees who’ll use caution while working, to coordinate work safety, and ensure appropriate safety specifications are increasingly being followed. Manufacturers of building equipment can also be in charge of designing and maintaining safe equipment.

Mr. Naziri handles a wide range of construction site injury lawsuits, including those involving:

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