Every day, a large number of product consumers are killed or maimed by harmful products that are alarmingly abundant in our society. Product liability legislation mandates that businesses take responsibility for harmful or defective products. Companies and manufacturers are responsible to make sure their products meet safety requirements long before consumers make the purchase. A drive to improve income has caused some producers to overlook safety requirements, and rush get the product on the market as soon as possible. Unfortunately, design defects, manufacturing mistakes and inadequate caution labels can result in catastrophic injuries or death.

If one their products causes injury to its user, product manufacturers must pay compensation for clinical bills, discomfort and suffering, dropped wages and other expenses. Yet item liability cases are among the most challenging cases for a litigant to pursue. Oftentimes, major manufacturers will outright refuse to provide compensation, fearing the chance of a large scale recall or other lawsuits from individuals who suffered similar injuries. Regularly your opponent in this case is a gigantic corporation with vast armies of legal defence at their disposal. A skilled attorney is necessary to make these companies do what’s right.

Mr. Naziri encountered all forms of dangerous and defective item claims, including:

  • Design Defects – A problem or condition a product has that causes injury to someone who uses the product. A design defect is a problem with the product’s design that makes the product inherently dangerous or useless, even if it is manufactured perfectly and made of the best-quality materials.
  • Manufacturing Defects-A manufacturing defect is a defect in a product that was not intended. This kind of defect occurs when a product departs from its intended design and is more dangerous than consumers expect the product to be.
  • Inadequate Warning / Failure To Warn- Most jurisdictions require a manufacturer to include proper warnings on labels, packaging or packaging inserts if the product presents a danger that is known or should be known to the manufacturer.  The lack of an adequate warning can make a product unreasonably safe. If you use a product that failed to come with an adequate warning and you were hurt by that product then you may file a products liability lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Mr. Naziri thoroughly investigate his clients’ injuries to determine whether they were the result of a defective product or a dangerous design, and he works with leading other experts in the engineering and safety fields to help establish a verdict that a product was unreasonably dangerous and responsible for the injury. His first and foremost goal is to recover the full compensation for his clients. Contact Naziri Law Firm today for a free consultation at (818)-888-6675 or TOLL FREE at (888)-9-GOT-LAW