In an event that a worker is injured on site, it’s quite common to presume that the employer is at fault. However when a worker is injured because of defective machinery or malfunctioning items, the maker of the equipment is likely the party responsible. Even though the victim might be able to receive worker’s compensation for his or her injuries from the company, the legal case will undoubtedly be against the manufacturer rather than the employer. Employees usually lack awareness that they could be eligible to sue the company in charge of manufacturing, distributing, marketing the harmful or defective device that triggered their accidental injuries. Workers in this example are still eligible to pursue their worker’s payment claims, but could be eligible for additional compensation to greatly help pay for the costs and damages that the victim’s compensation does not cover.

In order to earn a defective machinery or gear case, you need to prove that:

  • The equipment had a significant flaw or defect that straight caused your injury
  • The manufacturer knew concerning the defect or could possibly be reasonably expected to find out about it
  • The manufacturer didn’t give sufficient warnings concerning the risks of utilizing the equipment

Mr. Naziri offers aggressive, thorough, and experienced lawful representation to his customers and their families, who have been a victim of a life-altering accidents due to defective machinery. He assists his clients in the pursuit of the entire compensation to that they are entitled to. Mr. Naziri has experience in defending lawsuits involving a multitude of industries and items, including:

  • Defective machines, heavy equipment, and industrial plants
  • Defective chemicals, including farm chemicals
  • Defective fertilizer
  • Defective motor vehicle components, such as seatbelts, air bags, brakes, gasoline tanks, windows, and door locks
  • Defective vans modified for handicapped use
  • Faulty wheelchairs
  • Defective wheelchair lifts and other forms of handicapped access
  • Defective ladders
  • Defective components in manufactured housing

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