An assault or battery charge is a serious legal offense. Often, bar fights arise from negligent security such as a lack of bouncer staffing, video camera surveillance and proper lighting.  Bouncers can also commit legal offenses by attacking patrons under the guise that they were “just doing their job”.  At Naziri Law Firm, we understand the cause of these bar fights, brawls and assaults. Mr. Naziri fights for his injured clients to get them maximum legal compensation from the guilty party. If you suffer injuries from a serious bar fight in Los Angeles, you need to contact Naziri Law Firm immediately. Mr. Naziri has over 14 years experience premise liability claims, and the knowledge to evaluate negligent security cases quickly and advise his clients about the best course of action. If you were injured in a bar fight, or were otherwise assaulted on the premises of a private business or municipal property, you are entitled to full legal compensation for your injuries.

Negligent security claims are often complex and require thorough investigations. An important factor of a negligent security suit is that the injury resulted by remiss or irresponsible behavior on the part of the owner/manager. If an incident transpires that the owner or manager could have in no way foreseen or taken measures to prevent, then there is no case. Premise liability cases arise from unsafe conditions that allowed a third-party to attack. Mr. Naziri has the skills and expertise to handle your negligent security claim with confidence. He will pursue compensation from property owners who have failed to provide for your security, including medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering and other expenses resulting from your injuries. Contact Naziri Law Firm today to learn more information about premises liability, negligent security and your rights under California law and a free case evaluation at (818)-888-6675 or TOLL FREE at (888)-9-GOT-LAW