In case you were injured on the job or in an accident that was brought on by somebody else’s neglect, you may face significant  medical bills and your injuries may stop you from working for an extended amount of time. Workers’ compensation and personal injury laws protect you in these scenarios, but for receiving compensation or benefits, the procedure can be confusing and complex. Sadly, because of the laws and regulations that govern workplace injuries, receiving the compensation necessary to cover your expenses isn’t always so cut and dry. With respect to time frame the state, and also the nature of the injury, limitations are often put on damages which can be received along with the type of action that might be taken. It’s vital that you simply hire a worker’s compensation attorney to pursue your claim. Mr. Naziri understands how to structure your case to vigorously pursue its full worth in his customers’ best interests. He does what it requires to receive the full and fair reparation his customers are eligible to regarding work injury, medical treatment and Social Security benefits in a wide variety of situations.

He manages work associated injury claims involving:

  • Construction site accidents – scaffolding fall, collapsed walls and ceilings
  • Factory accidents – repetitive stress injuries, heavy equipment injuries, conveyor belt accidents
  • Industrial accidents – chemical burns, fires, explosions
  • Auto accidents – representing commercial drivers, couriers, fleet drivers
  • Environmental hazards – industrial sites, construction projects, and office buildings

With over 14 years of experience in the court and his expertise in personal injury, Mr. Naziri understands how to pursue compensation from all possible sources. Depending on the case, this may comprise workers’ compensation and negligent people or corporations. It may also be possible to sue employers for additional damages if they endanger their workers. Mr. Naziri will carefully calculate your previous, present and future losses such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and long term clinical treatments. It’s possible for you to rely on his extensive experience with wrongful death and personal injury cases, in addition to his devotion to his customers.