A loved one’s death is a profound and terrible occasion. Naziri Law Firm specializes in dealing with families that have experienced such catastrophe and we have acquired a distinctive capability to help those affected by the departure. Mr. Naziri understands how significant it is to supply his clients’ aid with basic legal dilemmas that arise after a death and how important it is the wrongful death action be tenaciously prosecuted so that a full financial recovery can be obtained. The law in a wrongful death case in California is multifaceted.

Wrongful death measures in California give the right to the legal representative to bring an action. The privilege to recover damages for wrongful death means pecuniary loss which includes loss of support for the decedent’s next of kin as an effect of the loss of the decedent’s income must be proven by the decedent’s legal representative. Economical loss is not limited to loss of income alone. Loss of services to the decedent’s children as well as loss of parental care and guidance to the decedent’s partner could be claimed. Since the statute is a pecuniary loss statute it is very important the lawyer fully understand the restrictive nature of the statute and meticulously prepare the case to be able to fully set forth all economical loss in order to have the greatest potential restoration.

Mr. Naziri keeps expert economists and financial analysts because every wrongful death cases has its own set of associated losses, including lost wages, the price of attention, and numerous other pecuniary prices as well as pain and suffering. He uses these financial professionals to be able to derive the most effective resolution for his clients so as to correctly evaluate what these prices are going to be in the near future. Contact Naziri Law Firm at (818)-888-6675 or TOLL FREE at (888)-9-GOT- LAW to schedule your free consultation.